About us
About Our Company

Noor Gostar Beshagh production was launched in the production of automobile lights And since the start of production, always knows that its mission is to design and produce new models of automobile lights in order to increase their efficiency in security and using the luxury meter standards, will try to satisfy customers and provide quality products. Therefore, from the beginning, the main activity of Noor Gostar Beshagh, according to its experts, new technologies and modern laboratory facilities, has been producing different kinds of automobile lights such as fabric and sport that could rich to a speacial position in this field during a short time and always improving it.

Customer-oriented approach

We believe that customer means the market and his satisfaction means the continued existence of the company. So, the management and staff of Noor Gostar Beshagh Company with this approach that customer satisfaction is the key factor to company's stability and development consider the following principles :

  • Obtaining customer satisfaction
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction
  • Continued customer satisfaction